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Federal customs service

A Labrador, presented to the Finnish Customs by the Federal Customs Service of Russia, reports for duty

Published at: 4 June 2020 10:53

A Labrador named Jutta has joined the ranks of the Finnish Customs Service on June 1, 2020. The dog was presented to the Finnish Customs Service a year earlier by Oleg Gubaidulin, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, to mark the 25th anniversary of cooperation between the Russian and Finnish Customs Services. The new employee will participate in drug searches at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

An official ceremony to mark this occasion took place at the Dog Training School of the Customs Office of Finland, and was attended by employees of the Russian Embassy in Helsinki, and Vitaly Peshkov, Head of the FCS Representative Office in Finland.

Cooperation between Customs Services of Russia and Finland, based on a mutual assistance agreement between the two governments, is currently being actively developed. Customs officers cooperate on a wide range of issues, including law enforcement (prevention of offences) and economic issues (simplification of customs procedures for bona fide foreign trade operators).

Contacts take place on the Russian-Finnish section of the border on a daily basis, where the neighboring customs authorities provide an appropriate level of control. Development of cooperation between the Dog Units signifies another step towards strengthening relations between the Russian and the Finnish Customs Services.

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