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Federal customs service

Customs officers in the Chelyabinsk region stopped the smuggling of 53 kg of poppy straw

15 May 2020 15:10

In April 2020 the officers of the Chelyabinsk customs together with officers of the Russian Security Service in the Chelyabinsk region detained a batch of food poppy seeds containing about 53 kg of poppy straw.

2.6 thousand bags of poppy seeds with a total weight of about 65 tons were found in a railway car moving from Latvia to Kazakhstan. The product was listed in the accompanying documents as "Mac food" and sent to company dealing with wholesale of food.

According to the expert's conclusions the extracted poppy seeds contain poppy straw as an impurity. The estimated weight of the drug was 53 kg or about 100 thousand doses with a total cost of more than 250 million rubles.

A criminal case under part 3 of article 229.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation was opened on the fact of large-scale drug smuggling. The sanctions of the article provide for imprisonment for up to 20 years. Investigation is being carried out.

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