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Federal customs service

Officers from the Russian Customs Service and the Russian Security Service stopped smuggling more than 57 kg of poppy straw in the Orenburg region (Urals)

30 April 2020 15:02

The Samara customs officers together with officers from the Russian Security Service in Orenburg region detained two shipments of food poppy seeds containing more than 57 kg of poppy straw in early April in Sol-Iletsk town.

As a result of operational search activities bags of food poppy seeds with a total weight of about 24 tons in the first car (more than 25 kg of poppy straw) and 48 tons in the second car (approximately 32 kg of poppy straw) were found in railway cars traveling from Latvia to Kazakhstan. An on-site rapid test confirmed the presence of the drug.

According to the expert's conclusions the cargo contains individual particles of the poppy plant, which are a narcotic drug. The estimated weight of the drug in both batches was 57 567 gramms.

Due to the fact of large-scale drug smuggling Samara customs initiated 2 criminal cases under part 3 of article 229.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Investigation is being carried out.

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