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Federal customs service

Domodedovo customs officers stopped the import of six diamonds worth more than 18 million rubles from Dubai.

16 March 2020 16:38

The officers of the Domodedovo customs suppressed illegal import of diamonds worth more than 18 million rubles without paying customs duty.

In January 2020 customs officers found six transparent precious stones in the Luggage of a 24-year-old Russian citizen who arrived from Dubai. He went through the "green corridor" thereby declaring that he had no goods subject to customs declaration.

In the course of giving explanations the passenger stated that the total value of the stones is 5 thousand dollars. He could not document this price. The customs examination proved that the stones are diamonds and their value is more than 18 million rubles (approx. 240 000 US dollars).

The case file is being reviewed.


The Russian Customs Service reminds that air transport can import duty-free goods for personal use worth up to 10 thousand euros. In case of excess, you must fill out customs declaration and pay customs duty.

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