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Federal customs service

Chelyabinsk customs officers in early April stopped the illegal export of about 11 thousand medical goods

14 April 2020 16:28, changed 24 April 2020 16:31

In early April 2020 officers of the mobile group of the Chelyabinsk customs (Urals Customs) together with the Russian Border Service in the Chelyabinsk region suppressed illegal export of several batches of medical goods. 9,5 thousand of medical gloves, more than 40 liters of antiseptic, more than 1 thousand anti-aerosol half-masks and ordinary fabric masks and other protective equipment were found in three trucks.

Medical products included in the List of products temporarily restricted for export from Russia were transported from Yekaterinburg to Alma-Ata (Republic of Kazakhstan). They were detained at the Bugristoe border crossing point (Chelyabinsk region).

The products were withdrawn. A case of administrative offense under article 16.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation was initiated. This article provides for the imposition of a fine with the confiscation of goods.


Since the temporary restriction on the export of medical goods entered into force in March 2020 the Chelyabinsk customs officers suppressed 10 attempts of illegal exportation from Russia about 2 million medical devices worth more than 8 million rubles (approx. 107 000 US dollars).

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