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Federal customs service

3 thousand packs of cigarettes were found by officers from Smolensk customs in car caches

15 January 2020 13:08

63 thousand packs of cigarettes without excise stamps were found by officers from Smolensk customs in two low-tonnage cars en route from Belarus.

On January 13, 2020, a cargo van was stopped near the settlement of Kruglovka in the Rudnyansky district of the Smolensk region. According to the driver, the car followed empty. During the customs inspection, customs officers found boxes with 38 thousand packs of cigarettes behind the false wall.

Four days earlier, during the inspection of a similar car, more than 25 thousand packs of cigarettes of Belarusian and Ukrainian production were found. The vehicle belonging to the Belarusian carrier was equipped with a cache, which was discovered using the technical means of customs control "Krot".

In both cases, the drivers did not have shipping documents for the identified cargo. The vehicles with the cargo were handed over to the police for further inspection and decision-making.

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