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Federal customs service

Russian customs officials shared the expertise with German colleagues

9 August 2019 09:21, changed 9 August 2019 09:22

On July 26, 2019, a meeting with a liaison officer from German customs criminal agency under the Embassy of Germany in the Russian Federation and other representatives from the Embassy of Germany in Moscow took place in Federal Customs Service of Russia. Officials from Customs cooperation department, Main directorate for products issue customs control, Main directorate for customs registration and customs control, Main directorate for federal customs incomes and tariff regulation and Directorate for trade restrictions of currency and export control participated on Russian part.

The meeting was held upon an initiative of German part with the aim of studying the expertise of Federal Customs Service of Russia in the field of digitization and automation of customs procedures.

In the course of the event, Russian part familiarized colleagues with conducted reform for the creation of E-declaration centers, adaption of technology of auto-registration and auto-issue of products, classification of FED participants and creation of “Single window” systems. In addition, the parties addressed the subject of marking and creation of traceability of individual groups of products, customs regulation in relation to products, transmitted as part of internet trading, payment of customs charges and duties using digital technologies.

In the meeting end, Russian part informed of business program for International Customs Forum scheduled for October 24–25, 2019 in Moscow.

German part expressed gratitude for detailed consultations and noted high importance of such meetings from the viewpoint of informing foreign state authorities and business circles of the development of customs affairs in Russia. The parties confirmed their readiness to conduct such meetings on regular basis.

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