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Federal customs service

Anti-corruption Department


Dmitriy Muryshov
Head of Department


Information on basic goals and functions of Anti-corruption Department

1. Execution of operative and investigative actions in order to counteract the corruption and maintain internal security in the customs bodies according to the law of the Russian Federation normative acts and other legal acts published by FCS of Russia.

2. Revealing, prevention and control of offenses with the view of corruption and other offences against the government service interests which could be committed by officials of customs bodies or other people inducing the officials of custom bodies to commit such offences or impair to economic interests or economic security of the Russian Federation.

3. Execution of measures on organization and maintenance of government protection of customs bodies officials in connection of their functions, and securing the persons rendering confidential assistance to the customs bodies of the Russian Federation represented by the Department if real danger of unlawful encroachment on lives, health or property of theirs or their relatives or other significant persons appears.

4. Control of organized protection against criminal encroachments targeted against the objects of customs infrastructure, and assistance to government executive bodies to carry out any antiterrorist actions.

5. Control over information security maintenance in customs bodies of the Russian Federation.

6. Development and realization of measures system intended for corruption counteraction in the customs bodies and to maintain internal safety of the customs bodies including a complex of precautionary and preventive actions and operative and investigative actions.

7. Coordination and control over the organization of operative and investigative actions conducted by divisions on counteraction of corruption in customs bodies, observance of the law of the Russian Federation during realization of these actions.

8. Revealing and prevention and suppression of attempts of persons connected with criminal communities or having criminal intentions and posing danger to internal safety of customs bodies to take the service or being employed in the customs bodies.

9. Realization of actions for searching of the persons who have committed or having intentions to commit the crimes if the location of such persons is unknown or data about such persons is absent, and searching for the property subject to confiscation pertinent to the competence of the Department together with other law enforcement bodies.

10. Informing of government bodies on corruption counteraction, and internal safety of customs bodies.

11. Development or participation in the development of projects of federal laws, acts issued by the President of the Russian Federation or the Government of the Russian Federation, other normative legal acts governing operative and investigative actions of customs bodies divisions on counteraction of corruption.

12. Consideration of applications of citizens, organizations and officials of customs bodies regarding the questions pertinent to the competence of the Department.